panel upgrades and new install

Flicker in you lights?....intermittent power loss?...these can be signs of a faulty breaker or a burn on the bus bar(the metal that holds the breaker in place). Estimates are always free...and not every problem with a panel cant be fixed!


Properly sizing a system for you house and finding a the best inverter for your application is key in any install. With shade a factor...having inverters for each panel can be a better option for some locations.  

Pleasure Point electric

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Whatever your project, we've got the experience

lighting layout 

In any home,storefront  or even factory floor...layout can make the difference between setting the tone of a room,giving a business an upper hand to draw attention....or properly providing an factory floor with lumens per sq Ft.

In any application, Pleasure Point Electric can help find what your looking for. 

retro-fit for kitchen makeover 

setting up new granite?cabinets going in?.....still have the can lights trim from the 70's in your kitchen?...or maybe that fluorescent strip light right in the center with a flicker when you turn it on? Invite me over and we can go over options together to modernize your kitchen.